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1. Write down each part of the moving process in a notebook for future reference, including phone numbers, names and appointments.
2. Keep appointments also on a calendar.
3. Use non-printed newsprint to wrap breakable pieces. Wrap each loosely in one or two sheets.
4. Use other things around the house to protect breakable items. For example, put placemats between dishes and wrap crystal in dishcloths.
5. Instead of trying to move full-grown plants, take a seedling from those you like. Give the plants away to friends who help you.
6. Put heavy items on a rug to make moving them across a hardware floor easier.
7. Make notes on boxes to simplify placement in the new home.

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We are a company that provides your informations to the nearest moving company in your area as soon as we get your information.
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Moving Guide For Your First Moving Experience

Saying goodbye to friends and starting out somewhere new is bound to be stressful, but the moving process doesn't have to be! FrontDoor's here to be your personal relocation assistant, with four easy-to-understand moving stages and tips and tricks to help you out along the way.

PART 1 :

  • -Get Started-
  • Decide if you're financially and mentally ready to move and break the news to family and friends
PART 2 :
  • -Plan and Pack-
  • Learn how to hire a mover, rent a relocation truck, avoid moving scams and pack up like a pro
PART 3 :
  • -Moving Day-
  • Whether you're working with pros or pals, these tips will make moving day go more smoothly
PART 4 :
  • -Settle In-
  • Congratulations, you've moved! Our tips will help you adjust to your new home and community

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